1964 South Bend Region SCCA Autocross

This is the great thing about the internet in general, and YouTube in particular. How else would you have seen this incredible home movie shot in Mishawaka, Indiana of the mall parking lot gymkhana? YouTube has it’s share of useless videos, but the service done by Wloring in preserving this absolute gem and sharing it with us makes up for a whole lot of the jack-assery on the site.

According to the uploader, the cars and some of the drivers are (probably) :

Austin-Healey Sprite (Jeanne Ruble)
MG-B (Jack Harrell?)
MG-TD (Ed Steltner?)
repeats of above.
Formcar Formula Vee Jim Bell
Formcar Formula Vee Bert Olson
Mustang (note white sidewalls!)
Arnolt Bristol (F. P. “Wedge” Rafferty?)
Corvair coupe (Ray Hayes?)
Ferrari? (Bob Tarwacki?)
Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gull Wing Coupe (Carl Crowel)
Porsche 356 Coupe (possibly Lloyd Loring)
Austin-Healey 3000 (6 cyl)
VW Bug
Triumph TR-3 (F Production race car)
Porsche 356 Roadster (Bob Runeman)

And while we’ve learned that YouTube comments can be among the dumbest thing on the internet, the discussion about this particular video actually uncovered new information on the cars and drivers in this event. These are things that make the internet truly astounding — no matter how obscure the information, somebody out there knows something about it.

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