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Road America '56

I’m all sorts of delinquent in putting up some photos from my trip to Elkhart Lake last weekend for the SVRA Vintage GT Challenge weekend. When you have several hundred photos to sift through, it takes a bit of time.. also, i’m lazy.

In the meantime, Paul found this outstanding early 16mm footage of Road America from 1956. Looks like a lot of Turn 5, some Carousel… good stuff all around.

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The Atom: "World's Smallest Racecar"

I’m not sure the title still holds, but this film clip from 1959 is sure to impress..

The Sidney Allard and Ronnie Green designed 500cc racer doesn’t look terribly fast, but Cyril Bryan hits 116 mph on the straights.

Stop for a moment and consider the pure excellence of this era of motorsport. A motorcycle engine, a 31 inch tall chassis, a driver, and we’re off! Brakes? Don’t need ’em.

I think we can all agree that the advancements made in motorsport safety since this time are, on the whole, a good thing. But the raw bravado, enthusiasm, and joy of this video is something we’re unlikely to ever see again on the world’s racetracks.

(via Sports Car Market)

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Absolutely Stunning Ferrari Featured on Hemmings

1962 Ferrari 250 GT LussoThis month, the Hemmings Motor News blog is featuring Ferrari in their annual Days of Ferrari theme. Today they ran a post about this absolutely magical 1962 250 GT/L.

There is a beauty to purpose built racing machines that is absolutely unparalleled in functional design. Yet somehow, this magnificently gorgeous machine was not conceived as a dual purpose road/race car. How is it possible that Ferrari’s incredible run of beautiful racing machines can get one-upped by its own luxury model, never intended for the track?

Thanks Hemmings, keep them coming.

Update: the mighty Bring a Trailer just featured this car as part of their coverage of this year’s Monterey Historics. While I agree it’s a stunner, I’m not convinced that it takes the 250 SWB’s crown..

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Oh Pininfarina, What the Hell Happened to You?

Pininfarina has designed some of the best looking bodies to ever roll down the street.

Like this Ferrari 275 GTB.

Ferrari 275GTB

Photo from JoJo Cence’s Flickr stream.

or this Dino.


Photo from Titanium22’s Flickr stream.

Now look at this monstrosity from their design lab this year.

Seriously? It looks like a shoe.

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