Elkhart Lake '57

Thankfully, more and more old home racing movies are being pushed onto YouTube. This time, it’s a double whammy of some early Road America laps and a hillclimb in Rockford, IL. We also get a little time under the hood with a favorite of mine, the Austin-Healey 100.

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  1. Jon

    My guess is the camera man (or woman) knew the driver of the black/red Healey, as well as the red TR3, as they get a lot of screen time. Interestingly, I saw at least two Mercedes 300SL gullwings there, but they hardly got any screen time. I think if I saw a car going past that cost more than a typical house (even at that time, I believe), I’d film it!

    Cool stuff. Lots of good machines there.

  2. John McClure

    As the owner of the first Austin Healey in America…I bought it from Walt Warren of Motor Trend who had brought it to the US to feature a story on it. By the time I got it though, someone had installed a supercharger on the little “4” plug engine, so when I raced it, they moved me up a rank…against Corvettes, etc 🙁

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