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Need Somewhere to Keep Your Ferrari 250 GT California?

The Ben Rose Home is for sale. Ordinarily I wouldn’t post a simple real-estate listing here, but this home holds a very special place in the heart of any pop-cultural sportscar geek like myself. This is, after all, the home of Cameron Frye’s family. It’s like a museum; it is very beautiful and very cold. Also, it housed his fathers “1961 Ferrari 250 GT California”.

If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up. Careful though, that back wall of the garage isn’t too sturdy. Don’t blame Ferris though, it was Cameron’s dad’s fault for not locking the garage.

It’s listed for $2.3Million, chump change compared to the 250 California.

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Abarth Double Bubble For Sale On Ebay

For sale this week on Ebay

For sale this week on Ebay

Here's what a restored one looks like.

Here's what a restored one looks like.

We just noticed this 1961 Abarth Zagato Double Bubble for sale on Ebay. This looks like a fun and worthy resto project! As many of you  know, these little cars raced with amazing success in the American SCCA series. To find out more about Abarth please click on this link to my Abarth page.

-cliff reuter

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Mille Miglia 2009 Videos Are Up

It’s only been a few short days since this year’s Mille Miglia and already videos are starting to trickle online. There’s aren’t just quick shoot and post phone-cam videos either. Some of these are quite lovely, like this first short video from Ricky Montalvo. He was able to stake out some of the more interesting areas the Mille passes through—the tiny villages that are ordinarily closed to automotive traffic. These picturesque little towns make for some lovely vantage-points to take in the amazing field of Mille Miglia participants and some excellent atmospheric shots of spectators. Take a look.

Here’s another from Ferrari World that’ll appeal to the Tifosi among us, and also some excellent footage from behind the wheel. Here we follow along on the third leg of the Mille, from Rome to Brescia (the footage shows us passing through Florence and Siena). Fantastic Stuff.

Appropriate since this year’s winners were Carlo and Bruno Ferrari (albeit, driving a Bugatti Type 37).

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Abarth 205 Sister To The 2009 The Ville D'este Car. This Unrestored Version Is The Most Original In The World

205a205b1As was shown in our previous article on the magnificent Abarth 205a this car is one of the world greats. But what is not generally known is that the Ex Emsley car was crushed to the door sills and also fire damaged. What we would like to share with the dutiful community is the only other known Abarth 205a Coupe, #103. This car has just come out of the Ted Buckland collection where she hibernated for 30 plus years. She is 100% original as you can see and is being restored by one of the foremost Abarth collectors in the world. The car is located in America and will no doubt be seen in future important events. Thanks!
Cliff Reuter

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Welcome Cliff Reuter to The Chicane

Cliff Reuter Joins The ChicaneI’m very pleased to say that Cliff Reuter has joined The Chicane as a regular contributor. I’m sure most of you are familiar with Cliff’s many sportscar sites, including and his namesake Of course, I’m particularly taken with his masterful compendium of knowledge of Italy’s “Little Jewels” on

Etceterini’s vast information on these small Italian sportscar manufacturers, as well as the fantastic archives of 1950s and 1960s SCCA race provide a wealth of history of American sportscar racing. Of course, Cliff’s own roots in sportscar racing dig quite deep, having grown up among his father, Jack Reuter’s, marvelous string of Bandinis, Ferraris and Maseratis. Cliff has built a fantastic collection of information drawn from his and his father’s archives of racing information. These deep treasure troves of information have been a constant reference point for The Chicane, and I’m very happy that Cliff will be lending his voice here as well.

Welcome to The Chicane, Cliff.

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05/22/09 – Road Racing Classic – Lakeville, CT

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Singapore Grand Prix: 1966

Nowadays, the Singapore GP makes headlines for being the only F1 night race, but I tend to prefer this newsreel of sorts from the 1st race. I adore the fact that a motorcycle race supported the main event (with a win for Honda), I wonder why we don’t see more cross-vehicle race weekends?

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Vintage Koni Ad

Koni should just re-run this ad in current magazines. It’s fantastic.

(click the image for detail).

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Ladies and Gentlemen, the $12,000,000 Ferrari.

12Million USD. Enough already!

Holy crap.

The much-discussed 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa #0714TR sold this weekend at RM Auctions’ Leggenda e Passione sale in Maranallo. It brought in a staggering €9,020,000. This of course, shatters last year’s record 250 California sale by a good $2Million. Why do I even bother anymore?

Octane has the story.

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Escaped the Hammer: Ermini 357 Sport Barchetta

Ermini Sport BarchettaCliff from Etceterini contacted me about this lovely little barchetta while I was travelling so I figured I wouldn’t have time to post about it before it fell under the auction hammer at today’s Les Grandes Marques à Monaco. It looks, however, like this magnificent little red machine failed to meet reserve and, while there’s always the chance that a deal will still be struck before the auction ends, I couldn’t resist posting up these pics.

I’m not terribly familiar with the Ermini name, but readers of Etceterini will no doubt know that Pasquino Ermini spent the 20s and 30s throwing Bugattis and Talbots around Italian racetracks before finally taking up the wrench to build a number of Fiat based specials. Ultimately he started building complete cars under his own nameplate in ’49. Like so many of the small Italian manufacturers, the Ermini competition machines are based on a Fiat chassis. Interestingly, though, Ermini’s early cars used a Dual Overhead Cam 1100 engine of his own design. The engine proved quite successful. Wrapped in a lovely coachbuilt body, she was even more impressive. Bill Devin used an 357 Ermini as the mold for a line of his successful sportscar fiberflass rebodies.

This example, chassis 1855 has quite a lovely history. She competed in the 1956 and 1957 Mille Miglia and still houses her original Ermini 1,431cc 4-banger.

The hammer fell on this afternoon’s auction without the 357 reaching reserve—which means you still have a chance. Just phone up your banker (if you haven’t already murdered him) and secure the €330,000 – 370,000 this remarkably beautiful little barchetta was estimated to bring in.

Then let me take her for a spin.
Ermini before restorationBodywork and respray completeErmini 357 Sport Barchetta

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