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Georg Meier wins 1939 Isle of Man TT
Sports Car Digest featured this brilliant photo of Georg “Schorsch” Meier on his way to winning the Isle of Man TT in 1939. This is the 70th anniversary of BMWs win.

I think we can all agree that there’s not enough airborne in modern motorsport.

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Jeroen Booij's Compendium of Mini Oddities

Jeroen Booij's Maximum MiniBooij’s ‘Maximum Mini’ collects in 500 photos on 128 pages a masterful group of Mini based cars; from coachbuilt one-offs to production based racers, to simple fiberglass rebodies. Some of these are absolutely remarkable looking little machines.

I particularly like the Deep Sanderson 301, a GT bodied little beast that competed at the ’63 LeMans. It’s a terribly beautiful little racer, but sadly its race record failed to live up to the promise of her bodywork. She DNFed at LeMans—and every other major sportscar race the team entered. But that doesn’t take away from the sheer beauty of the thing.

Several years back at the Elkhart Lake Vintage Festival, I spotted a curious little rebodied Mini racer, the Unipower GT and was immediately drawn to it’s lines and proportions that, from a distance, made it see a much bigger and meaner machine than it’s Mini bones would suggest. One of 75 built, the little yellow machine was as much a pleasure to the ears as the eyes. The Unipower faired slightly better in the world of sportscar racing, with a career best of a 14th at the Trophée des Ardennes Spa 500km. Unipower GTs were entered in a number of major races (Sebring, Targa Florio, LeMans), but either crashed out early or failed to make the race distance. I’m not sure if Jeroen covers the Unipower in his book, but it’s hard to believe it wouldn’t be in there—this truly seems to be the final authority on Mini specials. Actually, that little yellow number in the lower-right on the cover looks like a Unipower, so I think that answers that question.

Via Coachbuild.

Unipower GT at the 2007 Elkhart Lake Vintage Festival

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The Chicane's Server Upgrade Is Complete

The Chicane has been in the garage the past few days while we’ve been performing a fairly exhaustive server upgrade. Hopefully what this will mean for you is that the site will be more reliably available and quicker. There are a handful of exciting developments going on in our corner of the web in the next few weeks, so stay tuned for more.

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Pierre Scerri's Homebrew Ferrari 312PB

I was reminded this morning of Pierre Scerri’s epic build of his own Ferrari 312PB. Unfortunately, he built it at 1:3 scale. Remarkably, it’s completely drivable (if you could find a driver small enough), and conforms to Ferrari’s original engine design and gearing. The build took 15 years to complete and is an amazing achievement. This was all completed in 1992 and since then he’s built another for a collector. He’s currently working on 330P4 and a 250GTO.

Barbie’s dream house never had a better stocked garage…

Here are a couple of progress shots from his current model builds, head over to his site for more details.
Model Ferrari 250GTO engine progress.Ferrari 330P4 model body forming

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06/04/09 – Heacock Classic Gold Cup – Alton, VA

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06/02/09 – LSR Charity Invitational – Salinas, CA

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