Track Maps of the Past: Riverside

Riverside Track MapI’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. People just don’t put the care into track maps that they used to. This isometric illustration of the track at Riverside is impressive. Before we had Google Maps’ satellite view, we had illustrators. When it comes to track maps, I’m not so sure we’re better off.

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  1. pbryantr

    Every time I see a reference to Riverside, I get sad for several reasons. One being it was a track with historic significance that was replaced with a mall. Another being it was the track where Rolf Stommelen lost his life.

    Regardless, thanks for sharing this track map. I agree Google maps does not do any tracks justice.

  2. BaT

    Article by Jerry Titus! Illustration as well?

  3. Mike Jacobsen

    The map does not show the loop leading on to the back straight that was always used! The short cut shown at top left was rarely used! Mike Jacobsen

  4. John McClure

    Ah, those were the days. I lived in San Bernardino and drove one of the original Austin Healeys..and the track they built near the big Airforce Base in Riverside,was great..allowing me a “pass” to walk around the track and make a lot of home movie films of the race.

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