Racing in Angola Video: 6 Hours of Nova Lisboa

I should have known that yesterday’s peek into the racing history of Angola was only the tip of the iceberg. Here are a couple of short films from various runnings of the 6 Hours of Nova Lisboa endurance race. An amazing field in this footage, everything from an Alfa Tipo 33 to a GT40, to Minis and BMW 2002s and Lancia Fulvias. All careening through the city streets of Nova Lisboa (now known as Huambo following Angola’s independence in 1975).

This first one looks like the field from the 1970 6 hours.

I only wish there were more shots of the crowd and pits to get a more complete picture of the event. These videos were found on what has to be the definitive source for Angolan racing history – Motorsport in Angola. What an absolutely priceless resource, full of amazing photos and video from the era. My Portuguese is very lacking, but I can read enough Spanish to get the general idea, and the general idea is that it’s fantastic.

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