1937 GP Season on Film

In the comments on the ’36 Monaco post, Miguel pointed out this 16 minute two-part film compilation of the 1937 GP season, which definitely deserves its own post. Thanks for finding this beauty, Miguel!

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  1. Miguel

    Your welcome.

    It’s a pity the quality of the sound, but well.. its a film from 1937… At first I though was a continental tires promotional film, wich I read something about in one of Chris Nixon books, but it looks like its a documentary from Auto Union made during the season.

    here its at IMDB: Deutsche Siege in drei Erdteilen (1937)


    At least We have this minutes of the Golden gran prix era. I Love the scoreboard at Spa

    Maybe Audi has one of these original films among the auto unions.


  2. Captain Ned

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    To see the Avus NordKurve in action …

  3. Wolke

    Fantastic stuff!

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