A Highly Developed Sense of Timing

If you were racing here tomorrow you’d wear a Rolex.

Sliding through a corner at 170 m.p.h. a Formula One Grand Prix car is travelling roughly 17 yards in a fifth of a second.

So to say Grand Prix racing drivers have a highly developed sense of timing is something of an understatement. Their lives depend on it.

Many of them wear a chronometer they call the best in the world. Its Oyster case is carved out of a solid block of 18 ct. gold or Swedish stainless steel. So much of the work is done by hand, each Rolex Oyster takes more than a year to make.

Jackie Stewart thinks it is time well spent.

The Rolex he wears is the Datejust.

Rolex of Geneva.
Write to Rolex, Geneva, Switzerland for free colour catalogue.

RolexBlog via BZR.

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