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How Fast Will it Go?

Boys of Bonneville is making the film festival rounds, playing the Newport Beach Film Festival next week. Incredible archival footage (remarkably well preserved or perfectly restored) here of Ab & Marv Jenkins and the various incarnations of the Mormon Meteor. Even all this time later, shots of Ab taking notes while making Bonneville runs make my jaw drop.

via Hemmings

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04/29/11 – Spring Brake Driver\'s School & Races – South Haven, MI

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04/29/11 – Route 66 Classic IMSA Revival – Fontana, CA

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04/29/11 – Back to Laguna-Seca – Salinas, CA

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04/29/11 – LSR Invitational – Salinas, CA

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04/29/11 – SCCA Vintage Grids – Port Orchard, WA

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04/29/11 – Spring Brake Driver\'s School & Races – South Haven, MI

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Ruedelsarte's Shots of Gordinis at Montlhéry

I usually think of Ruedelsarte as my destination for air-cooled VW and Porsche pics, so these shots of Gordinis at the Coupes de Printemps at Montlhéry in March caught me pleasantly off guard. There’s something about the particular shade of French Racing Blue that Gordini used in the 1950s that is so enchanting; not quite as dark as Bugatti’s blue, not quite as light as Gulf Blue, not quite as saturated as Mexico Blue. I ask you: is this the perfect blue?

Click on over for the complete set of shots on and off the track.

I’m such a sucker for vintage transporters.

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04/28/11 – Ferrari Challenge at Infineon – Sonoma, CA

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Reader Photos: Dick Lees Visits the 1970 Race of Champions

A few weeks ago I posted a series of photos from pits of the 1964 USGP and mused about the prospect of wandering the pits snapping photos. I got an email the next day from Dick Lees who had a collection of just the types of photos I’m always rambling on about: close to the action, or just ambling through the pits. No barriers, no velvet ropes around the cars, no security ushering the photographer away from a garage.

Dick was stationed in England in the late ’60s and early ’70s and had an opportunity to attend many races in this glorious era. These are the first batch (he’s promised to dig into his archives—and I plan to hold him to it :)).

This first batch is from the 1970 Race of Champions at Brands Hatch. Thanks to Dick for sending these in! Very much looking forward to seeing the upcoming sets!

Front row of grid at start. J. Stewart #1 in new March - #16 Jack Brabham and #11 J. Oliver in BRM

Jackie Oliver BRM P153 DNF: Driveshaft. Note the band members covering up their ears

Graham Hill Lotus 49C 5th due to Gearbox problems.

Black Jack Brabham Ignition Problems Finished 3rd

Check out the Pink sunglasses. (Glad to see Dick had his eyes on more than just the track!)

Bruce McLaren in McLaren M-14A DNF Accident

Winner Jackie Stewart with first win for the new MARCH

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