Stirling and his RS 61 Go Up Goodwood Hill

I swear I don’t post every video Porsche puts out.

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  1. Vic (SuperNinety)

    Cool video. On 25 seconds that’s me in the hat. The 906 and 917 that preceded Stirling sounded amazing.

  2. Damon Crumb

    What a great film, he is something to behold. I am glad he owns the car too. Thanks so much

  3. George Kehler

    Great post !! Just wondering what brand are the small mirrors attached to the windscreen ?? George

  4. Continental Tyres

    I saw the video..The car was awesome…I think it reaches the Heights…


  5. Mike Jacobsen

    Alas! Stirling has “retired” again–says he will never again drive a race car. Will he now sell the Porsche (and the OSCA)?

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