Track Map of the Past: Prince George Circuit

At first blush the South African track at East London doesn’t look too impressive. A few straights, a few hard corners, not much in the way of esses or chicanes. Just a simple drive along the beach. The move of the South African GP to Kyalami in 1967 must have been received well—a more demanding and interesting circuit. It didn’t have the history though. Prince George Circuit hosted South Africa’s first Grand Prix races in the 1930s. And I’m sure the ocean-front view didn’t hurt. Indeed, it looks like a beautiful location.

What interested me most about this map, though was the section along Butts Bend marked “Prohibited Area – Rifle Range”. You know, because motor racing wasn’t dangerous enough, let’s have them drive through the middle of a shooting range while they’re racing. Of course I realize that there wasn’t live fire during the race, but I’m going to continue imagining it that way. It makes the win that clinched Graham Hill’s 1962 World Championship all the more entertaining to me.

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  1. Dave Marriner

    What year did Mike Spence win the non title GP race at East London +/- late 1950’s?

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