Family Photos from the Track: Italian GP, Monza 1960.

This marvelous trove of images from the 1960 Italian Grand Prix not only capture the atmosphere of Monza’s pits, but are a fantastic family heirloom from the photographer. (Update: Tony Adriaensens points out in the comments that the photographer’s name, which was somehow missing from the Ten Tenths thread is Archie Smith and that CorsaResearch will be publishing a book of his photographs—Thanks Tony!)

On the Ten Tenths forums, Cub says: “My father is the photographer. He was and remains an enthusiast for all motor sports. My mother worked in a photography shop and had access to early colour film and bought him a Voigtlander 120 format camera. They embarked on many, many adventures to various locations across Europe at a time when few people choose to drive around the continent for holidays. All of his slides are glass mounted but with rapidly deteriorating and very sticky taped edges.”

And with that, he leads us through the fantastic images his father captured 50 years ago. That he’s scanning these images to preserve them is wonderful, but sharing them with us and the readers on the Ten Tenths forum is truly a public service to vintage racing fans—particularly when so many photographers are increasingly reluctant to share their photos online. Head on over to the thread for more.

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  1. TheRetromobilist

    Absolutely stunning, ten tenths has been a firm favourite of mine for years! This explains why!

  2. tony adriaensens

    These 6×6 color transparencies were taken by Archie Smith – just recently CorsaResearch made a deal with Archie for the production of a high quality book devoted to his work –
    races covered are Italian GP, Monza – 1957; Silverstone 1958, Le Mans practice 1959 and the European Grand Prix at Monza in 1960 –

  3. Harlo

    Thanks for the additional info, Tony. I’m updating the post with Archie’s name now. Can’t wait to see the book!

  4. airport limousine

    It is a great effort to preserve the past. I know only red ones name Ferrari, pictures are look good still after 50 years. Amazing.

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