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Road America '59

A half-hour of 1959 Road America footage? Yes, please.

With all the changes that happened to America’s great racing courses over the years, I am reminded what a treasure Road America remains. Riding onboard this Porsche in the opening minutes of this clip, it’s plain to see how much of the course is virtually unchanged. Turn 5 is still harrowing, complete with a little wiggle as we close the gap on another driver. We need some radical correction as we overcook it into the always tricky Turn 6, half-obscured as it is by the crest of the hill up under the Toyota Pepsi bridge.

Be sure to stick with the video until the main event, watching the Alfas of William Wuesthoff and Chuck Stoddard mix it up with the dominating Porsche Carrera GTs of Blanchard, Rickert, Collins, and Jennings might be one of the best things you do today.

We’ll go back onboard late in this video, and start overcooking it again through 5 and 6… well, at least it’s an accurate depiction of my own lines on Road America.

I still don’t know why this staccato rhythm of voiceover hasn’t make a tremendous comeback—even just for the kitsch factor.

Finishing order and more for the June 1959 Class F/G/H/I/J race at Racing Sports Cars.

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Beauty in the Details with Laurent Nivalle

Definitely not enough brass in contemporary engine bays.

Find more of Laurent’s stunning automotive photography on his site’s Garage

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Perle di Fangio

I can’t speak Italian, so I’ll just assume that this video’s voice-over commentator is just repeating “The Best” over and over and over.

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A Racing Mini Reborn

Here’s something we can all get behind. Gary Snider last raced “Old Red” 30 years ago. Now, this lovely Mini is moving under her own power for the first time since. I’m so glad when these kinds of videos found they’re way online. There’s nothing like seeing a racing machine take her first ginger steps; like a newborn deer hinting at the mighty stag she’ll become. Looks to my eye like she’ll be ready to run with the rest of the VSCR next season.

Found via VSCR’s Facebook feed.

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