Still Think Driver Radios Are the Best Way to Communicate with the Pits?

Pit Updates. Sebring. 1963.

Seems to me they had it all figured out for the 1963 Sebring 12 Hours.

via Nigel Smuckatelli.

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  1. Pilote Ancien

    “I wanna thank the sponsors of the Turtle Wax Harefast Special, and all the guys back at the shop, but especially my pit crew. Couldn’t have done it without them.”

  2. Frank Levin

    Could “Al” be Al Holbert? Or was that before his time?

  3. Pilote Ancien

    Before his time. Have seen this gal in a von Hanstein 8mm home movie (De Cadenet’s Porsche TV piece), but doubt she’s associated with Porsche. Checked “Time & Two Seats.” Only 2 people with initials or name AL at Sebring in ’63. One was Allen Grant (Cobra). The other was Al Rogers (Morgan Plus 4). The lap time is consistent with a Plus 4.

  4. Hervé Smagghe

    The message she really pass is not on the sign ……….
    Nothing important on it !
    Look to the ESSENTIAL, kids.
    A french, naturraly.
    In french, she could have a better text: alors, cette pépette, tu te la fais en 4’11” ?

  5. john

    Well, Al has impeccable tastes in both car and crew!

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