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Top 'er Off

Fill 'er up

I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’ll never have a 917. But man, I’d sure like one of these Shell Super oil cans—particularly in the condition seen in this marvelous shot in the pits at Spa by Rainer Schlegelmilch.

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A Nearly Private Grand Prix

Rudolf Caracciola at Coppa Ciano
When I see images like this one of Rudolf Caracciola in his Mercedes-Benz W154 at the 1938 Copa Ciano, I am both energized by it and saddened.

Imagine the cacophony reverberating off the buildings of this narrow alley in Livorno, Italy. Imagine the show that this handful of people are having as they peer out from entryways and lean out of windows along the Montenero Circuit. It’s almost an intimate moment captured between driver and spectator as Rudolf glances up from his racing line and makes eye contact with a racing fan poking his head out of a doorway.

It’s most noticeable in the restrictions on pit access, but these opportunities for racing driver and enthusiast to connect are just as lost during the race as before and after. The farther and farther we push fans from the action—for good reasons, as Daytona recently pointed out—the more isolated the driver is from the fan.

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BMW 2002 101

I’ve always loved them for their boxy, quintessential, even rudimentary “car shaped” silhouette, but it wasn’t until I spent some time in my buddy Paul’s 2002 that I realized what a sensational little machine it is. Even my dream garage is getting crowded but there’ll always be room for one of these.

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Porsche 917 Booth Babe

Porsche 917 booth babe

I’m in the market for a new car so I made my way through the Auto Show this winter. It didn’t have anything on this.

I’m trying to imagine a similar scenario with a contemporary racing car being given the full rotating platform treatment at an auto show.
Wireless microphone… Bad jokes… Inane listing of specs… “The only car in it’s class with [insert proprietary technology name here]”…

Porsche 917 on displayPorsche 917 on display

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Masten Gregory and the Art of Looking Sharp

Masten Gregory at Sebring. 1960.

Every year we see a new collection from a fashion designer talking up his inspiration from Steve McQueen. My recommendation: Look to his countryman Masten Gregory. Dude was stylish. Seriously, when you can make two sets of goggles hanging around your neck look badass you’re doing something right.

Masten Gregory looking determined.

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HMSA Spring Club Event – Salinas, CA – 03/23 – Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca – USA

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Sport or Monoposto?

Stanguellini Ad

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.

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Spring Historic Races – Rosamond, CA – 03/16 – Willow Springs International Raceway – USA

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The Mobil-1 12 Hours of Sebring – Sebring, FL – 03/14 – Sebring International Raceway – USA

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Plump, Dapper, and Charming

I’m not entirely sure that Alberto Ascari would have loved Murray Walker’s introduction in this clip from Walker’s F1 Greats. Once the stats start rolling in I’m sure the mood would have lightened. Tremendous.

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