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Lime Rock with Jaguar – Lakeville, CT – 05/31 – Lime Rock Park – USA

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The Race Bar

Jaguar XKSS at Clyde's of Chevy Chase

The gods of speed smiled on me this past weekend.

Midget racer at Clyde's of Chevy ChaseI was traveling to Washington DC and was invited to meet up with family for dinner at Clyde’s in Chevy Chase, MD.

As I approached the door I spotted a Bugatti 52 in the window acting as a simple table decoration, which is impressive enough on it’s own, and turned to my wife with a quick, “If that’s real they spent quite a bit on the interior of this place.”

Mural at Clyde's of Chevy ChaseThat wasn’t half of it. I walked in the front door to be immediately greeted with a 2-story mural of a 1920’s era road race with a battling Bentley and Bugatti leading the way. Peering down the spiral stairway revealed a Jaguar XKSS on display. Again, I said, “now if THAT is real, they spent QUITE a bit on the interior of this place”.

The entire lower floor of the place is bedecked with vintage posters from both international grand prix and local dirt track races. In addition to the XKSS, there’s a Morgan 3-wheeler and a midget racer perched above the bar. Wrapping around the entire lower floor bar is an enormous second mural featuring pre-war racers and various sportscar marques. Upstairs sharing space with the Bugatti 52 are more period kiddie carts: an MG and a Rolls. Amazing.

In short, it’s the Mid-Atlantic’s answer to the Siebken’s bar. It’s always depressing to find a great new hangout only to realize that you live hundreds of miles away from it.

My web searches since I’ve returned home seem to indicate that the Jaguar is indeed authentic. Can anyone confirm?

Mural at Clyde's of Chevy Chase

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Film Noir in the '67 Sebring Porsche Pits

Porsche pits at 1967 Sebring

There’s an atmosphere captured in these shots of the Porsche pit crew servicing Siffert and Herrmann’s Porsche 910 at the 1967 Sebring that is hard to put into words. I don’t know if it’s something to do with the film grain or the sun setting behind the car, or something less discernable. But there’s just something about the shots that make the event seem important: an importance that transcends the perceived importance of a motor race. There’s something in these photos that gives them historic weight. Just amazing.

Porsche pits at the 1967 Sebring

More at Gearheads and Monkeywrenches.

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Corvettes in Nassau. 1956.

Dick Thompson's Corvette at the 1965 Nassau Speed Week

Nassau grid 1956They didn’t set the world on fire with their showing but even though none of them finished higher than 19th for the main event, the Corvettes that made the trip across the Caribbean to attend the 1956 Bahamas Speed Week sure looked damned good on the streets of Nassau.

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Formula 1 or Family Saloon

Ferodo Disc Brake ad

The new world champion Mario Andretti chose Ferodo disc brake pads for his Lotus Ford.

Ferodo have now provided the disc brake pads for 18 consecutive World Championship winners.

Whatever your car, Formula 1 or family saloon, Ferodo have disc brake pads and brake linings for it which will give you first class braking. For the last 18 years the world champions have selected Ferodo.

Countless other motorists throughout the world have as well. Ferodo stop at nothing to ensure you stop safely every time.

Ferodo disk linings and disc brake pads.
Ferodo Limited, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Stockport, Cheshire, SK12 6JP.

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Factories at Work: In The Ford Wind Tunnel

Ford J Car in the Wind Tunnel

You’d think that Ford would have rested a bit after achieving their drubbing of Ferrari and bringing LeMans victory home. But whether it was just momentum or to silence critics that suggested that the GT40 was more Lola than Ford, FoMoCo decided to bring the design of the next iteration of the GT car more in-house. Keeping the mighty 7 liter of the previous generation, they sculpted a new shape around it in partnership with Kar Kraft. Getting those strings placed right to measure the wind movement over the shape helped refine the aerodynamics of the project that would eventually become the GT40 Mk IV.

More at The Magnetic Brain. Thanks for sending this in, Skeeters.

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VSCR Vintage Race – Brainerd, MN – 05/24 – Brainerd International Raceway – USA

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Lime Rock Memorial Day Event – Lakeville, CT – 05/24 – Lime Rock Park – USA

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BC Historic Motor Races – Mission, BC – 05/24 – Mission Raceway Park – Canada

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LeMans (all of it) is on YouTube

I’m sure it won’t be up there long, but a hearty “thank you” to the enterprising pirate that posted McQueen’s LeMans to YouTube. Cancel the rest of your meetings; pop on your headphones; and watch 917s battle 512s.

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