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How Many Horses Can You Fit on Your Finger?

Cruzin’ World’s line of jewelry featuring miniature engines in precious metals is magnificently executed. I’m typically not one for a lot of rings, but this beats the hell out of another skull and crossed bones. Now if they’ll just add a tiny Columbo 12 cylinder Ferrari 250 or a Type 547 4-cam to their lineup, then I’ll have start learning to type with more stuff on my hands.

Via A Sack of Hammers

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917/10 Road Test

Porsche 917/10 Road Test

When you’re done tuning your car, you’re not really done. How will you know whether your car is dialed in until you give her a proper road test? Sure, you could book a track day, but who has the patience for that? Do you? Me neither.

Porsche Classic has more photos. Wow.

Previously: Porsche 917s on the Street and More 917s on the Street.

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A New '61 Corvette For the Keen Type

1961 Corvette Ad

I’m a little disappointed that even in ’61 the ad copy led with luggage space and seat adjustability. Get to the performance info, people!

’61 Corvette
New form and fineness for America’s only sports car.

There’s a winging new shape for the ’61 Corvette, and beneath these crisp contours, you’ll discover new refinements that reach right down to Corvette’s powerful heart.

Settle yourself in the cockpit and feel the no-nonsense comfort of those new bucket seats. They’re individually adjustable and the seat tracks themselves can be moved farther back for more driving space. Notice the increased foot and leg room made possible by a driveshaft tunnel that’s 19% narrower. There’s more trunk space, too; the luggage compartment is 20% larger for even greater touring convenience.

For muscle, the ’61 Corvette retains five versions of America’s most famous high-performance engine, the Corvette V8. Quick and sharp as a whiplash, this engine is available with up to 315 horsepower in a Fuel Injection version. There are three transmissions to choose from: a brand-new three-speed Syncro-Mesh with new quick accelerating ratios, the close-ratio four-speed Syncro-Mesh for the keen type, and Powerglide for the boulevardier.

There’s a feeling of pure confidence about the ’61 Corvette, a feeling born of the knowledge that this is the genuine article! See this new one at your Chevy dealer’s and you’ll know…

If you wanted a Corvette before, there’ll be no holding you now!

Chevrolet division of General Motors, Detroit 2, Mich.

Corvette by Chevrolet.

via Chromjuwelen.

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Race Against Kids\' Cancer – Deer Trail, CO – 07/27 – High Plains Raceway – USA

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Race Against Kids\' Cancer – Deer Trail, CO – 07/27 – High Plains Raceway – USA

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In the Days Before Dash Cams

James Garner on the set of Grand Prix

Look at this behind-the-scenes production photo of James Garner on the set of Grand Prix and tell me that the Go-Pro isn’t a little electronic miracle.

via Time Wasting Machine

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Reader Photos: Gary Mason's 1957 Italian GP Paddock

Ferrari Paddock - Italian GP, 1957

I’m continuing to wade through the box of slides and prints that Gary Mason sent in chronicling his lifelong love of photographing sportscar and formula racing (particularly Maseratis). In addition to these gorgeous images of the paddocks of the 1957 Italian Grand Prix at Monza, there is a large pile of shots that a then teenaged Gary was able to capture from the race itself (they’re coming, I promise). These particular shots of the Ferrari and Maserati paddocks really jump out at me though and are worth sharing on their own.

Maserati Paddock - Italian GP, 1957

It’s been well covered here and elsewhere what a shame it is that spectators are all but barred from the paddocks of contemporary Formula 1. But it’s not just the level of access that strikes me about these photos. It isn’t just that Jean Behra’s Maserati 250F or Peter Collins Lancia Ferrari 801 is just sitting right there, a hair’s breadth away; begging you to casually extend a pinkie and touch it and prove to yourself that it’s real. What catches my eye is what surrounds these magnificent machines or, rather, what doesn’t. This isn’t just access to the paddock; it’s access to a nearly empty paddock. Empty of security to be sure, but also eerily empty of other spectators. Plenty of room to stand back and frame up a photo. Nearly impossible today even at club races.


Bonus Denis Jenkinson on the left there gathering notes and photos on the Ferraris for Motor Sport, no doubt. A nearly embarrassing charge of excitement leapt through me when this image slowly revealed itself line by line as the scanner worked its way through the slide: “Hey, that’s Jenks!”


As Gary pointed out in a comment on this similar photo taken a few years later, note the jump from garage 12 to garage 14. Can’t be too careful when you’re looking for luck on the track that day! No unlucky #13 garage for me, thank you.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Track photos of the main event and support races for the ’57 Italian GP to come as soon as I can get the images properly indexed and identified.

See more of the Gary Mason Archive.

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Brian Redman\'s The Hawk – Elkhart Lake, WI – 07/19 – Road America – USA

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Brian Redman\'s The Hawk – Elkhart Lake, WI – 07/19 – Road America – USA

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Art Appreciation: Ferrari 500 Formula 2

Ferrari 500 F2

It’s not just because it’s beautiful. Which it is. It’s not just because of it’s relationship with Ascari. Which it has. For me, part of its allure is because of what it represents as a nod to a time when racing teams wouldn’t let themselves be pushed around.

When the Formula 1 rulebook got too restrictive, constructors embraced Formula 2 as a means to really showcase their engineering prowess. Every few years, this notion pops up again: that Formula 1 is holding constructors back and so begins the threatening and posturing that the series will be abandoned and that constructors will start their own series. Every single time, part of me hopes that they will. This Ferrari 500 proves that racing teams can do just that… and do it brilliantly.

Ferrari 500 F2

Ferrari 500 F2

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