In the Days Before Dash Cams

James Garner on the set of Grand Prix

Look at this behind-the-scenes production photo of James Garner on the set of Grand Prix and tell me that the Go-Pro isn’t a little electronic miracle.

via Time Wasting Machine

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  1. TheChicane

    In the Days Before Dash Cams

  2. Albert E. Heiles

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  3. Zach Topoleski

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  4. Captain Ned

    Guys, the front end is a little heavy through Parabolica. Anything you can do about that??

  5. David White

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  6. Ben Musu

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  7. Automobiliac

    The Go Pro is a piece of junk that looks like shit on your vehicle. It has awful audio. In short, Cinerama it ain’t!!

  8. Russ Dickey

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  9. Bob Angone

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