917/10 Road Test

Porsche 917/10 Road Test

When you’re done tuning your car, you’re not really done. How will you know whether your car is dialed in until you give her a proper road test? Sure, you could book a track day, but who has the patience for that? Do you? Me neither.

Porsche Classic has more photos. Wow.

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  1. Pilote

    I wonder if he got anywhere near the red line in 1st? You could check for leaks, I guess. Boost pressure will have to wait for Laguna.

    My favorite is the ex-Grossman 917. He actually DROVE the thing on the street. Mufflers, registered. Wonder how that would work out, even with a ridiculous final drive ratio?

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  6. EJ Fournier

    I have that Matchbox car. It’s green though, and beat to hell, the driver is missing.

  7. Gerrard Needham

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  10. migo_migo

    @TheChicane how u didn’t get a ticket, I don’t know. Very cool!!

  11. Elise_Japan

    917/10 Road Test  http://t.co/khjSZty0Lz

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  15. Automobiliac

    The car looks surprisingly tall next to modern minivans and SUVs!
    Awesome pics!

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