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Jack Pine Sprints Vintage Races – Brainerd, MN – 08/31 – Brainerd International Raceway – USA

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Showboat Grand Prix – Hastings, NE – 08/31 – Motorsport Park Hastings – USA

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Columbia River Classic – Portland, OR – 08/31 – Portland International Raceway – USA

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Drivers React to Germany's Bilster Berg Resort

I love the idea of these driving resorts, and I hope that Bilster Berg is a huge success. There’s a lot of love in this video of racing drivers’ reactions to their initial experiences on the track. Directed by GT Racer’s Alexander Davidis, there’ll be some familiar faces here for fans of the series. But there’s also some tremendous vintage racing machinery in the form of E-Type Lightweights, 911s, Austin-Healeys.

One thing in particular stood out as drivers describe the difficulty in learning the track and the learning curve in coming to terms with its compact complexity. One driver says it requires many, many laps before you start to get it right; another driver says a couple of hundred laps would be necessary to learn it properly. That sounds about right for a track that has been described as a mini-Nürburgring.

Did you catch what Derek Bell said, though? “To come back on my own without other cars, just sort of do five or six laps to get it all together”.

A couple hundred laps vs. Five or six laps. That right there is the difference between even a highly skilled racing driver and Derek Bell.

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Lime Rock Vintage Festival – Lakeville, CT – 08/30 – Lime Rock Park – USA

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race spin

For a different kind of retro racing: let’s just take a moment to appreciate this animation by designer and illustrator Fraser Davidson. This makes me want to go find an arcade at lunch today.

More work on Fraser’s Dribbble.

Thanks for pointing this one out, Tr4inspotter.

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Dizzying Collection of Werner Bührer Illustrations

Werner Bührer illustration

After yesterday’s Lola T260 illustration post, KABay was kind enough to point us to this treasure trove of Werner Bührer’s illustrations of racing cars for Powerslide Magazine (and republished by Road & Track) ed: Thanks, M Needforspeed. Once I saw it, I knew I wouldn’t be able to let it just sit there in the comments: This is front-page material!

Thanks again, KABay

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Minimalism is Overrated

Werner Bührer Lola T260 Cutaway

Be careful trying to take in all the details of this glorious Werner Bührer illustration of the iconic L&M liveried Lola T260. You might just get lost in it. Pro tip: click that image to make it large enough to really take in.

What magnificent work on display here. I’m a fan of what Road & Track has been doing with their redesign and relaunch, but I hope that they don’t forget to also look to the past. It’s a shame we don’t have these kinds of gatefold spreads in car magazines today and I can only envy those that could spread this October ’71 issue out on the living room floor and lose themselves in it for an hour or so.

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Put-in-Bay Road Races Reunion V – Put In Bay, OH – 08/27 – Put In Bay – USA

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Detailing a Dormant 912

There’s something very satisfying about seeing a barn fresh car become road ready. I love the restraint it takes to clean a car up and freshen the paint without stripping it down and completely restoring it. Patina has value.

Some nice tips here on how to handle a car when you’re just feeling it out and assessing it’s condition.

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