Watch…No. Listen to this Porsche 917

This video of a Porsche 917 lapping is great in a way that most videos I’ve seen of 917s—or any other racing machine, really—usually aren’t. It’s because of what isn’t in it. There’s no damned royalty-free terrible music. There’s no barely understandable commentator over the barely audible track loudspeakers. There’s no clapping or “oohing” and “aahing” from a crowd. There is only that miraculous engine note.

It’s why Victory By Design was so great and why most AutoWeek segments aren’t. Cars—particularly racing cars—particularly Porsche 917s—are visceral things. They live in all of our senses. There is a sight, a smell, and my goodness there is a sound. We can feel the air move as they pass. When they pass by quickly, all is a blur. We can rarely capture it in our mind in perfect clarity. The lines of the bodywork are lost in the shake of a car under hard braking or acceleration or turning. We can just make out barely discernible graphic details as they blur by in an instant; often little more than a flash of color.

But that sound… That sound is crystal clear.

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  1. Kevin F York

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  2. Pilote

    This is the ex-Dominique Martin, ex-Fittipaldi brothers car, 917-025, now in the Collier Museum.
    Nice to see that they let it out to play at Monza.

  3. Scott Fisher

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  4. Captain Ned

    I could have sworn this vid was posted here before, but I’m obviously wrong. Now the OCD sets in to find which of my other blogs posted this, as I know I’ve seen it.

  5. David


  6. Peter Haynes

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  7. Robert E. Richer

    Nice. We did it a long time ago, however, when we made the “Sounds of Sebring” records.

  8. Henry Carraro

    The sound is oh so sweet. My goodness gracious. The words describing this visceral experience is fabulous. Thank you Harlo you have said what I have thought so many times before. Thanks for your words.

  9. racersdrive

    Watch…No. Listen to this Porsche 917

  10. Paul Bastyr

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  11. Bill Herring

    Fantastic sounds, thanks for posting.

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