Over-the-shoulder Onboards Are So Passé.

One of the best things about the GoPro is that you can cram the thing anywhere… like the nosecone of a Cooper T-33. Let’s take a spin around the 2013 Silverstone Classic in the JD Classics prepped Cooper.

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  1. Maurice Paisano

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  2. motoringconbrio

    Problem with this (or the nice thing about it, depending on your point of view) is that it makes anything look fast. A low-mounted GoPro on a riding lawnmower would make it look exciting. The output is also devoid of any context. Minus the sound and the outline of the nosecone, it could be a Cooper T-33 or it could be something far more mundane, really. Personally, I’d rather have more stuff to look at — gear shifts, steering input corrections, that sort of thing. For that, I think in-cockpit footage excels.

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