El Maestro

24 minutes of Fangio footage… No clever title nor caption needed.

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  1. Scott Fisher

    Simply bloody beautiful. The in-car footage of him drifting the D50 around Monte Carlo is some of the most breathtaking I have ever seen. And his introduction of the “safety gear” from the Fifties is both hilarious and sobering.

  2. Scott Fisher

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  3. sparky

    24 minutes of Fangio footage… No clever title nor caption needed. http://t.co/huICNFEl1J

  4. antolod

    El Maestro http://t.co/RKXJS5BiU6

  5. Mario Moreira

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  6. Gary Mason

    Wow. One of the three heroes in my life. Very few places (if any) at Monaco fast enough to drift – mostly power slides, but beautiful nonetheless. The miracle in Germany – unsurpassed. Wow.

  7. scroggzilla

    All of this footage is from Hugh Hudson’s documentary, “Fangio”.

  8. Mike Jacobsen

    How did they film that Monaco footage–with cars parked at the curbs–1970s? Likewise the scenes at Reims in the open wheel Merc; at least there you could still drive the course and there would be little traffic in the 70s–I was able to do it. Also, I was under the impression there were no genuine D50s extant. Was that a “re-creation”?

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