Lynndale Farms Raceway Then and Now

I wonder if any of the homeowners that live in the neighborhood built on the bones of the Lynndale Farms Raceway know of the history of the streets in front of their suburban homes. I wonder if any of them turn into their subdivision on their commute home and blip the throttle downshifting for the corners, imagining themselves sitting in a Austin-Healey or Cooper 500 as they apex the turn in front of the Peterson’s house.

I sure would. Hell, I do all of that now and I don’t live on a former race track.

Props to Tim Cahill for pointing this out on the Vintage Road Racing Archive Facebook Group.

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    I grew up in the Hartland/Pewaukee WI area. Spent my High School years blasting around on those roads in my old AMC. I still swing by every so often just with a lot less exhaust and stereo haha! The original barn is still there and the “current” paint has faded so much that you can actually see the old logos on the barn from it’s race days. A lot of people from this area know of the history and can be found on the regular summer weekend driving their vintage vettes and other classics up to Elkhart Lake. The track might be long gone at Lynndale Farms but the vintage motoring spirit still drives strong in that region of the Midwest. Unlike Meadowdale in IL, this area does nothing to highlight the historical track due to some conservative locals worried about kids street racing in their neighborhood.
    Great seeing these old ghost tracks, I visit a few and love the history of the ones from sports car racing’s heyday!

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