Track Maps of the Past: Monzanapolis

Monzanapolis Track Map 1958

There’s some fascinating things happening in this track map created for the 1958 “Race of Two Worlds” event at Monza. Unofficially dubbed “Monzanapolis” for the event, the race was a battle between American USAC speedway machines typically seen at Indianapolis versus European road racing machines. Because the race used only the banked oval portion of Monza’s fabulous double loop “combined” configuration (and it ran in the opposite direction), the event required it’s own map. They really outdid themselves with this one.

Not only does it show the track from above, there is also fantastic details like the cross sections of the banking, (this was where I learned that the North and South banking were so different) and an attempt to demonstrate the elevation change in the track (highly unconventional on a speedway).

I usually lean towards the freehand illustrated maps so commonly seen in CalClub and SCCA event programs, but this professionally drafted map is so rich in detail that I absolutely adore it.

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    “@TheChicane: Track Maps of the Past: Monzanapolis:

    One for @monzasgorilla!

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    @Poppys_Dad @TheChicane PowerTommy…..

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  7. racersdrive
    Track Maps of the Past – Monzanapolis – 1958’s Race of Two Worlds – Courtesy of The Chicane.

  8. Gary Mason

    Standing in the grass at the ‘focus’ of the north end for the 1957 Race Of Two Worlds was mind blowing. Bettenhausen’s Novi sounded like the end of the world. Great!!!

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    Track Maps of the Past: Monzanapolis おー、モンツァのオーバルの詳細図が

  11. ChrisBruce1985

    Seems odd that the north and south banking at the old Monza circuit was at different angles.

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