1957 Race of Two Worlds on Film

Let’s keep this train rolling and just go all-in on the Monzanapolis races with the “Monza Challenge” film from the ’57 race.

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  1. Kevin F York

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  2. Chris Kleckner

    O’Conner qualified first at Indy that year @ 144 running a KurtisKraft-Offy but what was that injected Chrysler Hemi in the Firestone car here…it looked like the same type of roadster but clearly not built to USAC specs.
    Anyway, the speeds here were over 30mph above those at Indy and obviously pushing the limit seeing that most DNFs were caused by suspension/frame failures. Pretty cool video indeed!!!

  3. racersdrive

    Video -1957 Race of two Worlds – Amazing Look Back in Motorsports History. Indy Roadsters versus the best of Europe

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