Sign of the Gulf Orange Disc

Jaguar Gulf Oil AdEven if you went all-out to get your XK-E 2+2, you still don’t need the most expensive motor oil.

Just the best.

Now that you’ve put yourself behind the wheel of this luxurious cat, you’ll want to give it some extra loving care. This means picking a really fine motor oil. Like ours. Gulfpride® Single-G. Using tests established by auto makers, we constantly check Gulfpride Single-G for its ability to protect against wear, scuffing, rusting, deposit formation, and clogging. Gulfpride far surpasses the requirements of car makers in these tests. Recent tests show Gulfpride Single-G performance equals or exceeds that of four leading competitive premium motor oils. (And one of them costs 25¢ a quart more than Gulfpride.) Get the best protection for your engine. Get Gulfpride wherever you see the Sign of the Gulf Orange Disc.

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  1. Frank Levin

    The photo make me nostalgic for those racing stripes. Time to bring them back.

  2. Captain Ned

    Stripes have their places, but not on an E-Type.

  3. Pete R. Hernandez

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  4. Albert E. Heiles

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  5. Patrick Taff

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  6. Lucas Webb

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  7. racersdrive

    Sign of the Gulf Orange Disc

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