Unseen Racing Footage: Santa Ana Road Races. May, 1960

More marvelous scenes from El Salvador’s racing scene. Shot by Dr. Carlos Alvarez and provided to the Chicane by George Kehler, the little-seen footage of the 1960 running of the Santa Ana races on the streets of El Salvador has some fantastic vintage Formula Libre racing action.

Keep an eye peeled for two Porsche RSK Spyders driven by Americans David Lane (in the white RSK) and Chuck Cassel (in silver). Whether word of San Salvador’s racing scene had finally made it up to the States, or if Chuck and David were just hitting everything they could in the hemisphere, I don’t know. But I can’t help that think that he saw the writing on the wall for street courses and wanted in while he could.

By 1960, street racing was all but done in the USA, but it’s likely from Chuck Cassell’s participation at this race in San Salvador, and in Nassau two months earlier, that he must have wanted a taste of the thrill of true road racing before it disappeared entirely. These scenes both demonstrate why street courses are so amazing, and why they’re so very dangerous. Getting around these simple roads is, for me (and I think many of you agree), the purest form of racing. But those curbs and surface changes and light poles and, oh yes, surging throngs of spectators wandering much to far onto the racing line, make it clear that the format was meant for extinction.

More from the Alvarez/Kehler archives here.

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  1. Frank Levin

    The Mercedes being pursued by a Nash is pretty cool. Great pictures.

  2. Milo Temesvar

    A Fiat 1100!

  3. Mark Stracener

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  4. Jose Lopez

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  5. Don Suiter

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  6. blackta1983

    RT @TheChicane: Unseen Racing Footage: Santa Ana Road Races. May, 1960

    More marvelous scenes from El Salvador’s racing scene… http://t.…

  7. Lucas Webb

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  8. Chris Thomas

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  9. Rich

    Loved the big station wagon at about the 1 minute mark

  10. Harlo

    Run what ya brung, Rich.. Run what ya brung.

  12. omartinezaviles


  13. john

    Shoot…aint no thing; you can see Porsches racing any time. But whens the last time you saw a road racing Chrysler station wagon?!?!?

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