Arthur Schening's Historic Racing Car Prints

Lotus 49 illustration by Arthur Schening

I find the relationship between the medium and the subject of an artist’s work fascinating. In an Instagram filtered landscape, we’re used to seeing contemporary imagery processed to look vintage. Illustrator Arthur Schening has taken the opposite approach. These representations of 50 year old (and more) racing cars crafted in a very modern aesthetic makes for a compelling balance. Arthur’s illustration style is something akin to what we’re used to seeing as a representation of architectural renderings or a more polished take on fashion illustration. Schening has taken this aesthetic reminiscent of Wallpaper Magazine’s hayday under Tyler Brûlé and applied it to old sheet metal in brilliant technicolor saturation. I dig them.

Prints of these and more at his site.

Ferrari 250 GTO illustration by Arthur Schening

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  1. Mario Moreira

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  2. Maurice Paisano

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  3. Ed Chan

    Cool Prints. Our local autocross club (Capital Driving Club) gave these prints as trophies last year!

  4. Jonny Shears

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  5. Ed Chan

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  6. Albert E. Heiles

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  7. Steven Uhlman

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  8. john

    i dig em too! Now just hafta decide what ones to get given limited budget and wall space.

  9. Endurance Nostalgia

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  10. john

    Just as FYI y’all, I just received the first 2 prints I ordered; theyre pretty great! They arrived quickly and undamaged, nice quality and lovely to look at. Recommended.

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