Peter Windsor Shows Us Around Montjuïc Street Circuit

The great thing about street courses is that anyone can just grab a rental car and drive around it. As Peter Windsor gives us a tour of the Montjuïc street circuit in Barcelona, I wonder if the scores of other commuters on these streets know that Jim Clark and Graham Hill and Jochen Rindt knew these streets well… not to mention the tragedies that occurred on Montjuïc mountain during the 1975 race.

If only I could have Peter Windsor and his encyclopedic experience of racing history riding shotgun with me on all of these spins around former street circuits. Thanks for sharing this, Peter.

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  1. Bradley Morgan

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  2. blackta1983

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  3. Pilote

    Thanks for putting this up, Harlo. This is one of the few courses I didn’t have a sense of from still photos and track maps back-in-the-day. Maybe because most of the stills had a tight focus and narrow field of view? A VERY challenging course.

  4. TC

    I rented a BMW several months ago in Barcelona and had a good tour of the city, the nearby mountains and Costa Brava. I will do this course next time I am in the city which should be next month. Great drive and commentary, thanks.

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