Toyota 2000GT Crushed by a Falling Tree. Nooooooooo!

Toyota 2000GT crushed

An unnamed 28-year-old driver was passing under the limb of a beech tree in the Gokayama area of Toyama Prefecture at the exact moment that the tree decided to call it quits. The driver escaped with minor injuries; which is something of a minor miracle when you see the damage to the passenger compartment in this photo.

What makes it all the more frustrating is that this tree has been identified as a potential hazard, but local historic preservation in the area barred its removal.

More (if you have the stomach for it) at Japanese Nostalgia Car.

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  1. Jonny Shears

    Wow that is well and truly squashed. How you go about restoring it I don’t no!

  2. Captain Ned

    Ugh. Putting that back together may well be impossible. The real question, though, is “did Kissy Suzuki survive”?

  3. Riccardo Mork Orsini

    Fuck trees, we should burn them all for this!

  4. Ed Pomeroy

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  5. Jonny Shears

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