How Does This Happen?

Rusted Jaguar and Porsche racers

I’m just going assume that this is fake and that photoshop, not neglect, is to blame for this Jaguar XK and Porsche 356 racer rusting away amongst the trees.

Update: Ugh. A few emails from readers and Frederik’s comment on Facebook have confirmed that these are indeed authentic. One of whom pointed me to this article about a German who purchases vintage cars and allows them to rust in his “garden” as a sort of art project. What an asshole.

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  1. John Petoskey

    This looks like a automotive realist painting of a sad subject.

  2. Frederik E. Scherer

    No fake: The photo was taken in the garden of german classic car dealer Michael Fröhlich. He lets a whole collection of famous, valuable cars rot away under his trees, calling it “art”. I am calling the whole thing “the art of being a moron”. His message is nothing but “Hey, I’ve got money to burn, and you don’t!” – really disgusting…

  3. Dan Cole

    Concur, total Dbag,

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