Forgotten Gullwing

This isn’t for the squeamish. I’ve long been fascinated by the Cuban people’s ability to keep the cars of the 1950s on the road without a steady influx of parts. The ingenuity and determination of Cuban mechanics and their ability to cobble together bits and pieces or wholly create spares that keep those old Dodges and Chevys rolling through sheer force of will is just artistry. Why then, couldn’t one or two devote that masterful ability to this Gullwing? Instead it looks to have been abandoned and cannibalized over her years hiding under a banana tree. It’s heartbreaking.

This car is also featured in Degler Studio’s 2015 Carros de Cuba calendar. If you can bring yourself to look at this for a whole month, you’re stronger than me.

Abandoned Gullwing Mercedes in Cuba

More photos and information at This European Life.

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  1. Peter Linsky

    Too bad that the 300SL appears beyond salvage. What about that 356 and the Hisso?

  2. Robert E. Richer

    How tragic! This might even be a challenge for the Lefferts brothers, whose CT restoration shop’s motto is: “If it casts a shadow, we can restore it.”

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