Vintage Classified Ads Are Depressing

Porsche 550s for sale

Porsche 550s for sale

Although I do enjoy that the pace of used car sales was such that only a mailing address was necessary.. Now I feel like if a Craigslist post is more than an hour old I’ve already missed it… Especially those $5,000 Porsche 550s or $3,200 Talbot Lagos.

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  1. Dan Cole

    Oh to only have a time machine and some cash!

  2. Ted Sodergren

    Takes me back to the days when my Air Force unit was being transferred from Florida to California. A guy I knew asked me to drive his 356 out there for him, since he had another car to get there and he needed to drive it. I am an idiot. I turned it down because the 356 didn’t have room for all my “stuff”. Like I said…I am an idiot.

  3. Richard Henry

    Thanks for ruining my day.

  4. Richard Ingham

    Ah yes ! Looking through my old Road & Track magazine, makes you wish you had the money to spare then to buy one of those jewels back then. The only thing is , that back then some of the cars were priced just out of reach.

  5. john

    Depressing indeed.. and, like others here, one of the first things I plan to do when I get that time machine perfected. Though I doubt I will ever come ‘back’…
    Noticed the sellers name on the Talbot Lago ; Mershon isnt a very common name, so I wonder if he is/was any kin to the current ‘Mershons World of Cars’ classic car dealership?

  6. john

    OK…just looked further and more closely ; can only imagine/ almost guarantee that the Rolls Royce for sale by T.E. Warth is the same Mr Warth who owns the very cool automotive bookstore…

  7. Graham Clayton

    Forget the Porsches – the ’39 Talbot-Lago is what I am interested in!

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