In the Workshop


Oh to visit this little garage and perch on a stool out of the way and watch these gorgeous machines get prepped for the upcoming season.

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  1. Jim Van O

    What a great photo! We all know the value of those cars today, but what I’m wondering is what happened to all those fabulous posters and winner’s wreaths thumb tacked to their wall? At the very bottom of the photo you can just see the rocker box of a Fuhrman engine. Nice find!

  2. BW

    Any idea which shop this is and what cars these are?

  3. Ben

    What an amazing picture!!! I wonder where is it? What kind of cars they are working on? Thanks for sharing.

  4. Ed

    They look like 718 RSK’s

  5. Khloe

    Isn’t is cool to see how cars were made before? Thats an awesome picture ! Keep posting 🙂

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