Welcome H.A.M.B. Alliance and Jalopy Journal Readers

Wow! Many thanks to Ryan Cochran over at the Jalopy Journal for linking to The Chicane today. As a longtime reader of the Jalopy Journal, Jockey Journal and the Garage Journal, it was quite a thrill to see the post this morning.

Here’s a few posts that H.A.M.B. readers might find particularly interesting.

The “Lost Tracks” series: An ongoing look at the sadly defunct palaces of America’s road racing glory days—before lawyers decided everything is someone’s fault.

The 1947 Cisitalia D46: Surely any fan of American roadsters can find kinship with Italy’s immediate post-war monoposto racers.

A Naked Lotus Formula 2: With the body panels removed, it’s easy to see that the same thrill that inspires the DIY attitude can build a world championship formula car.

and for your headphones, The Exciting Racing Sounds of Grand Prix: Phil Hill narrates this LP recorded as research for John Frankenheimer’s masterpiece, “Grand Prix”.

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