More Exciting Racing Sounds of Grand Prix

The Exciting Racing Sounds of Grand PrixWe started our series celebrating this wonderful LP made during Frankenheimer’s filming of the epic Grand Prix by taking a tour of Monza. Let’s take a step back and get the basics with our host, Phil Hill. John Frankenheimer gives a wonderful description of the basics of F1 of the 60’s. Then Phil talks to Graham Hill about the differences between Grand Prix racing and sportscars. Hearing these voices speak with passion about their sport makes me wish for these attitudes to come back to the international motor racing community.

I particularly like the segment with Frankenheimer where he describes some of the motivations for making the movie. Later, Graham Hill describes the differences between Grand Prix driving and competing in the Indianapolis 500. Outstanding.

Have a listen.


Read the complete series.

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  1. Ashley

    Hi,I used to own a copy of this LP (bought it new from Woolworths when it was first released). I would love an MP3 copy of it. Is this possible please? Regards, Ashley

  2. Harlo

    Hi Ashley –
    The files here on the blog are mp3s, feel free to listen online or download copies for yourself.

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