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Motorsports Hero mounting imageA post on the Make magazine blog this morning regarding using the factory tow-hook mount on modern cars as a camera mounting point led me to this product from GoPro. The Motorsports Hero camera mount package offers options for mounting video cameras in a variety of ways on your car or helmet. I often see cars at the track with cameras mounted to the rollbar, but I know that many monoposto drivers have had trouble coming up with mounting options for their cars. The GoPro site shows cameras mounted on helmets, windscreens, suspension components or bodywork… certainly you’ll be able to find a spot on your racing car.

Video over your shoulder can be a one-step method for improving your track times, especially if your racing group compares videos. You can study the corners you hesitate in, your racing line, and road surface to help your times from day to day, or from race weekend to race weekend.

I think the real possibility for benefit within the historic racing community here is to compile these videos in a central location to help study-up on new tracks, or improve your own times by observing the laps of your fellow drivers in one place you’ve never been able to—the drivers’ seat. So let’s start seeing these videos you’ve been shooting on the web somewhere. Start loading them up, drivers—we want to see them too.

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