Name That Tune: Recognize This Engine Note?

It’s game time, friends. Can you guess the make and model of this famous racing car from her engine sound?


Leave your guesses in the comments!

Update: Holy Crap. Captain Ned got it right with the first guess.

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  1. Captain Ned

    Jaguar D-Type

  2. Captain Ned

    Guess it was. It was obviously a straight-6 (owned a TR-6 for many years, so know the British straight-6 sound), so I went with the obvious choice of Jaguar. Winged it on the D-type, though.

  3. verhaeren

    I think it is a 906

  4. Harlo

    You had the cylinder count right, Verhaeren, but Capt. Ned hit the bullseye on the Jag D-Type.

  5. Gregor

    I think its a 4 cyl aircooled. Maybe a 912 914 or a VW Beetle.

  6. Richard

    Its I believe a Aston Martin DB 1 or 2

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