Racing Icon: The Momo Prototipo

Is there a single classic sports and racing car who’s view from the cockpit isn’t improved by the Momo Prototipo?

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  1. Edmund

    Must have one. Piloti makes a fine driving shoe also known as the prototipo

  2. Motoring Con Brio

    I. Love. This.

  3. Ben

    They are beautiful and beautifully made. I’ve had three, my current is in my BMW 2002.

  4. Murph

    Didn’t this end up on Niki Lauda’s ’75 or ’76 312T? Or was that a different MOMO wheel?

  5. Ben

    Murph, I think the F1 wheels were purpose built by MOMO for Ferrari. They might have stamped it as a prototipo for marketing though…

  6. Mark

    Well, I’ve had a steering wheel fetish for quite a few years now. Of course you can still buy a new prototipo but, there’s nothing quite like a vintage one for your vintage car. I admit it… I’ve got it bad

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