Grid Schematic of the Past

Do any publications still use this format for describing the starting grid of Formula 1 races?

I see this format or variations of it frequently in old magazine clippings and books and I find it to be immediately browsable. It gives a great deal of information for as simple as it is—the indication of the direction of turn 1 just makes it all the better.

The ’64 South African GP had a Hell of a grid, eh?

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  1. Ted Sodergren

    Can’t comment on the schematic, but I do remember that format. What I can say is that it WAS a Hell of a grid! The one guy among the luminaries that I always rooted for (after Moss’s accident) was Carel de Beaufort. A Dutch aristocrat, gentleman racer and quite the last of the true amateur GP racers (Taffy Von Trips gone by then). He’s 10 seconds slower than Clark, but giving it a go. To this day I wish I’d seen him drive in his Orange (Dutch Colors) Porsche. Yesterday’s Australian GP field seems awfully sanitary compared to de Beaufort and the company he kept (as shown above).

  2. Steve Schneider

    Haven’t seen anything like this in ages. Interesting grid though…only one Brabham and no Gurney. Getting older and can’t remember why.

  3. Edmund

    Too cool! What a line up! And having Porsche on the grid makes it all the more interesting.

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