Making Do Without Photography

In our look at the 1959 Examiner Grand Prix at Pomona, I mentioned that Ken Miles was handed the win when Bill Krause had a puncture and spun on the 73rd lap. Since there was no photo available of the moment, illustrator Stan Mott made sure that the readers of MotoRacing news wouldn’t be left wanting. Consider how unlikely that there would be need of a cartoonist whipping something up as coverage for a contemporary race and you’ll understand why I love this kind of thing so much.

Even better, it’s not even the first time we’ve shown an illustration to convey a moment that would surely been photographed and filmed in HD had the race occurred today.

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  1. Fred

    This kind of reminds me of Autoweek before it went glossy. I recently canceled my subscription after re-reading some of my old newsprint AW.

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