How Many Horses Can You Fit on Your Finger?

Cruzin’ World’s line of jewelry featuring miniature engines in precious metals is magnificently executed. I’m typically not one for a lot of rings, but this beats the hell out of another skull and crossed bones. Now if they’ll just add a tiny Columbo 12 cylinder Ferrari 250 or a Type 547 4-cam to their lineup, then I’ll have start learning to type with more stuff on my hands.

Via A Sack of Hammers

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  1. Steven Uhlman

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  2. Paul Bastyr

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  3. ValveBounce

    How many bhp can you fit on your finger?

  4. Robert E. Richer

    Tacky, tacky, tacky.

  5. jckronbauer

    How Many Horses Can You Fit on Your Finger?

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