James Dean Racing at Santa Barbara, 1955.

I’ve never seen this film before. Maybe this is widely known footage that I’ve just been missing out on, but even the thought of new footage surfacing decades later is compelling.

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  1. David Reid

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  3. Mitch Johnson

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  4. Steven Smith

    Cool to see the cannon special in the opening shot!

  5. Mike Jacobsen

    This film was made during practice as is evident by stock MGs running together with the Cannon Offy special and Dean starting next to John Porter’s 550.

  6. Lee Raskin

    Mike Jacobsen: James Dean @ SB 5/29/55 4th race S1.5 litre –included FP,GP, HP & FM,GM,HM cars (MGTC -Specials – Porsche 356/550). This rare footage shot by the late John Edgar shows the grid positions for the 4th race as ‘drawn from the hat’ — not by class or qualifying times. Dean’s Super Speedster was #33 — not Jerry Conroe’s # 41 Speedster which is shown next to John Porter’s #169 550 Spyder at the start. Lee Raskin, Porsche historian/author

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