British Pathé Presents Italian Motor Racing (1950-1959)

Monza Banking. No further commentary needed.

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  1. pilote

    1956? Looks like it.

  2. formodelar.1

    It’s 1957 pilote… Called the Monzanapolis 500 or the Race of Two Worlds) took place in June 1957. I was there!!! 6 years old with eyes like dinner plates, awesome…

  3. Gary Mason

    Sorry, that is incorrect (I too was there). There are no Indy cars; the only non-Indy cars in that race were the three Ecurie Ecosse D-Jaguars; and that race didn’t use any of the road course, except for the pit straight, which is common to both courses. It could, however, be 1957.

  4. Gary Mason

    I spent three racedays there, but never saw the combined course in use. Very clever, and less dangerous than I might have thought. Great stuff!

  5. pilote

    I was thinking 1956 because there are Ferrari 290 MM’s in this sports car race, but I don’t see any ’57 Ferraris or a Maserati 450 S…

  6. Gary Mason

    Collins/Hawthorn won the 1000km at Monza in 1956. It looks like they won the race in the film, so that could be it.

  7. pilote

    Well, there ya go, Gary. That explains the footage of Collins looking tired and happy, and Hawthorn congratulating him in his civvies.

  8. Gary Mason

    Hawthorn always wore a bow tie when racing, so are you sure those were his ‘civvies’? 🙂

  9. pilote

    Bow tie, yes. Tweed jacket and cap, not so much. 😉 But then there are pix of him wearing the jacket and cap over his racing pants and driving shoes… My guess is that he’d finished his last stint and Collins finished the race.

    I sense a fellow Hawthorn and Collins fan. Chris Nixon’s dual biography, Mon Ami Mate, is excellent. Don’t know if it’s still in print.

  10. Gary Mason

    I was a fan of most of them in those days. None so much as Fangio of course. 🙂

  11. michael A Jacobsen

    Aren’t these all under 2 litre cars–Moss in a Maser 200S, Collins in a Testa Rossa; I also spot 550s and an EMW.

  12. Gary Mason

    This seems to be the entry list. The winner might be over 2L, but would have to check further.

  13. Gary Mason

    In another post about the Supercortemaggiore, I see that it was for the class “Sport 2000”. I can’t find a definitive definition of that for 1956, but it does look like a 2L displacement limit.

  14. pilote

    That’s it! Supercoremiggiore @ Monza, 1956, won by Hawthorn/Collins in a 2-liter Testa Rossa. Checked my copy of Mon Ami Mate. So much for the 290 MM’s I thought I saw…

  15. Bradley Morgan

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