A $300,000 Slot Car Table Sounds Like a Good Idea

Neiman Marcus Slot Car Set

Neiman Marcus’ Christmas catalog is famous for their over-the-top gift ideas. My favorite from last year was the custom falconry equipment. This year though, I’m actually tempted to put together a crowdfunding campaign for this custom slot car set by Slot Mods. Even better, David Hobbs will attend your opening party.

I can imagine no better evening than sitting around this remarkable slot car table with David Hobbs calling the action. Only $300K. At that price, we can’t afford not to get it.

Who’s in?

More information (and video!)—but sadly no “add to cart” button—at NeimanMarcus.com

Neiman Marcus Slot Car Set

Thanks for the tip, Paul!

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    Neiman Marcus’ Christmas catalog… http://t.co/RULfEvqqAL

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